Shomer Emunim: Prologue (part two)

11 Jan

2. [1] Shealtiel answered and said: It’s not possible to have this discussion. The words of the Mekubalim are based on their faith in their wise men, whom they refer to as “Mekubalim”, or “Receivers”. There’s on rhyme or reason, or even logic to argue with. They won’t accept any disagreement or even consider it. What is the point of discussing these matters with them?

3. Yehoyada: It’s true that the basis of the Kabbalah is the faith in the earlier sages and their wisdom, righteousness, and the whole chain of transmission which we have ascertained to be truthful. But this doesn’t deter us from thinking about and questioning their words, and even their main ideas. Just the opposite, in fact. Our way is to grapple with their ideas just as we grapple with the Halachah.

4. Shealtiel: If that’s the case, I’m prepared to have this discussion. I’m actually very interested in speaking with a Mekubal, to see if their ideas make sense. If you’ll allow me, I’ll tell you my questions and objections.

5.Yehoyada: Permission granted, with some conditions: Any idea I say that you don’t see any room for objection, you agree to it and give it your seal of approval. Also, any time we agree that a certain explanation is the literal meaning of the words of the Talmudic Sages, you won’t try to interject another non-literal to explain it instead.

If you agree to these conditions, I’m certain that the ideas of the Mekubalim will be sweet as honey in your mouth, and you will find proofs for them in the Torah, Talmud, and Medrashim.

6. Shealtiel: I will not diverge to the left or to the right of anything you’ve said.

[1] The dialogue is numbered this way in the original for easy reference.


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