Shomer Emunim #38-39

7 May

Shomer Emunim #38-39 


She’altiel: I’m very happy with your answers. The truth is that they’re good answers and very logical. You’re also absolutely correct when you say that what’s written in the Talmud is insufficient for one to believe in the simple Oneness of Hashem because Chazal did not intend to explain those concepts in the Talmud. Rather, their only purpose was to reveal to us the laws and how to do them with the proper character traits and proper ways that the Torah requires of us. One must admit that they must have had other books explaining the secrets of creation, Ma’ase Merkavah and the secrets of the Torah, as is also obvious from the Gemarah. We would definitely silence anyone that says that those other books were the writings of Aristotle on the subjects of nature and G-d. We should disregard them, and not listen to what they have to say, we don’t want to be among their gatherings or have any part of it, and we should give no credence to their research.

Also, to those who would say that the secrets of Torah that Chazal understood have been lost or forgotten in our times; besides the fact that his complaint is doubtful since they have no proof that this knowledge has been forgotten, the phrase: “Bri vishema, bri adif” (“When there are those who are sure, versus those who have doubts; those who are sure take precedence.”) applies here. [Someone that doubts it, versus someone that knows it, the one that knows it takes precedence.] You also proved very well that what they said is not true, for they are still in our possession today. The Mekubalim have those select Seforim and certain famous Torah scholars have testified as to the accuracy and truth of those writings. Therefore, I beg of you Yehoyada my brother. Please set me on the correct path to understanding the teachings of the Mekubalim. Teach me please with comprehensible explanations, not with hints, which is the normal way that Kabbalah was taught. Prove to me with reasonable proofs that I can accept in my heart all the details of this Wisdom. If you do this for me I will know that I have found favor in your eyes.

YehoyadaWhat you’re requesting from me is too much, my brother She’altiel. I have no authority to do that because this is an approach that Mekubalim would never use. Knowing that the secrets of the Torah that they had, were transmitted to them from holy and trustworthy Torah scholars was all the proof they needed. They never brought reasons or intellectual proofs on these secrets because they were worried that the day will come that someone will come and refute those proofs. If that happens, they will refute the truth of Kabbalah because they will think that those secrets were deduced from those proofs. Therefore, they left these concepts as they are; basic premises and accepted fundamentals, because the words of Kabbalah don’t need to be proven. Never the less, I will try to answer your question and fulfill your request, at least with the basic premises and the foundations of this wisdom.

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