Shomer Emunim #42-43

22 Jun

Shomer Emunim #42-43


She’altielWhy couldn’t Hashem create the Keser Elyon exactly equal to Him? Since Hashem the infinite is the ultimate good and wants to give the best possible goodness, and has no reason to hold back, why couldn’t He just create another level just like Himself?

YehoyadaBecause it’s impossible to say that the creator can make another creator like Himself. It’s not because the Infinite is lacking the power to do that, but rather because the existence of Keser Elyon was caused by a preceding source. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to say that something can be compared to it’s source, because how can you compare a possible existence to that which definitely exists? Even if the benefactor would give all of its goodness, it would be impossible for the beneficiary, which is Keser Elyon, to receive from the infinite the goodness and His completeness until it is exactly equal to Him. There has to be some sort of degradation of value between the Master and His completeness, which is beyond any limitation {and the next level, Keser Elyon}, the same way that there is a difference in value between a cause, to that which has been caused.

Study the lengthy explanation written in the Sefer Pardes, Gate 2, Chapter 7; and the Sefer Alimah, in the section called Ayin Kol, Tamar 2, Chapter 5.

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