Shomer Emunim #46-47

22 Jun

Shomer Emunim #46-47


She’altielWhy can’t the level of Atzilus (Emanation) be as lofty and pure as the level of Adam Kadmon? Since The Infinite gives without any withholding whatsoever, why couldn’t He have therefore made it equal to Adam Kadmon?

Yehoyada: The differentiation between the world of Atzilus and The Infinite, is why it cannot be as lofty and pure as the level of Adam Kadmon because the world of Atzilus does not emanate directly from The Infinite as does Adam Kadmon. The world of Atzilus was only able to come into being due to the pre-existence of the world of Adam Kadmon. [It had to go through Adam Kadmon. It’s through the means of the process of Adam Kadmon that you could have an Emanated world, which is the world of Emanation (Atzilus).] Therefore, it must be a lower level {of loftiness} than the level of Adam Kadmon. The same thing goes for each and every level within the world of Atzilus because the more levels of cause and causation that were added / emanated, the farther away it got from The Infinite. Each level could not have received as much completeness as the level that preceded it, that was loftier. This was the process that was repeated through each and every level, each and every world. Each one receiving as much of the completeness and G-dly goodness, as it was capable of receiving from The Infinite. No less, no more.

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