Shomer Emunim #48-49

22 Jun

Shomer Emunim #48-49


She’altiel: What still bothers me is why Hashem needed to make so many existences and worlds and levels, the overall creations and their many details?

Yehoyada: Because the ultimate purpose of The Infinite was to create a finite world of limitations and physicality. Therefore, it was necessary for the process of creation to go through various levels; level after level, from emanator to emanated, from that which was emanated to that which was created, from that which was created to that which was formed, from that which was formed to that which was made, until it ultimately came to the level of true materiality and then influenced all that is temporary and ultimately can cease to exist, which is part of the physical nature, because there are existences in our world that last less than one night. [At an amoebic level, it’s merely a matter of moments.] So in order to ultimately attain a world that’s physical, and where living creatures can be formed and can cease to exist, you have to go through the process of these very different levels of existence. No more, no less, than they need to be.

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