Shomer Emunim #60-61

31 Aug

Shomer Emunim #60-61


Reminder: the translation is by;
 The Horonsteipler Rav; Rabbi Mordechai Twerski, Shlita,
Edited & transcribed by his talmid, Shaul Taub.
Brackets are notes by Rabbi Twerski, Braces are editors’ notes.

She’altiel: Now that you have clearly proven that The Sefiros and Adam Kadmon were not a part of The Infinite that had been developed outside of Him, but rather that they were new emanations from within the Infinite, where one came from the other but the first did not lose anything thereby, as you said in the example of the candle, and you’ve also proven that the essence of the Sefiros are not the same as the eternal essence of The Infinite, Y.S., can you please explain to me what IS the essence of the Sefiros and how they function.

Yehoyada: That is something that is impossible to comprehend at all, because the essence of Adam Kadmon is inconceivable. All the Mekubalim agree that even the Sefiros that are at the level of Atzilus are also inconceivable to man. Man cannot have a true understanding of what they are, even if we were to say that some of the Sefiros are described as having Din and some as having Rachamim, and similar concepts. [As previously discussed, Hashem has no parts. Therefore, the terms Din & Rachamim (justice and compassion) only apply to Hashem’s plan for Man. It’s NOT a description of the essence of the Sefiros, it’s the FUNCTION of the Sefiros for mankind]. So all we can grasp at that level is that which is generated by the functions of the Sefiros, [which make it possible for all the lower worlds, including our world, to function]. But when referring to their essence, they’re intangible. As was taught to us in the Sefer Yetzirah, Chapter 1, Mishna 2: “The ten Sefiros are intangible [void of substance].” And they explain that as being without any conceivable substance. The following is the language that’s used in the Sefer HaPliyah, Page 3: “A person born of a woman (all human beings) cannot grasp these attributes because it’s impossible. For if you could grasp them, then you’re limiting the place of where Hashem can be found. [If we could contain the essence of Hashem within our mind, then that in itself, imposes a limitation.] And even the attributes of one level cannot grasp the attributes of the level above them. They therefore certainly cannot grasp The Infinite, Who gives life to all of them. We don’t even need to mention that mankind cannot grasp His attributes, and certainly cannot grasp the Creator of the attributes. Therefore a person should refrain from pursuing the attempt to grasp this, because once a person fails in this effort, no-one will be able to lift him back up.” It is impossible therefore, to grasp the essence of the Emanations, and the only thing that we CAN grasp of this concept, is how they function [towards the functioning of all worlds, including ours]. Because when referring to the Sefiros themselves, we can only grasp that they are G-dly powers that The Infinite emanated from within Him, in order to bring into existence and direct the process of all of the lower worlds within them.

Copyright © 2015 Shaul Taub

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