Shomer Emunim #62-63

31 Aug

Shomer Emunim #62-63


She’altielWhat really bothers me is the title given to the first emanation called “Adam Kadmon”. How can you use the term “Adam”, which means, “formed from earth”, to describe that highest lofty level, which is so closely associated with The Infinite? And furthermore, if you use that term Kadmon, which means, “always-existed”, then that would mean that it had no beginning or start (but rather, always existed). No one should even begin to think that there’s anything other than The Infinite, Y.S., that always existed.

YehoyadaThat which is referred to as “Adam Kadmon” is not because it had no beginning or start (always existed), but rather that it was there prior to all the rest of the emanations, as the Rav [Rav Tzemach, who transcribed the writings of the The Ari] Z”LHH, wrote in the Sefer Adam Yashar, Section 4. On the first section of that Sefer he writes: “This emanation of Adam Kadmon, and certainly all the levels that come after it, all had a beginning and will have an end. They’re all within time that began with their being brought into existence and with their being emanated.” We therefore learn from this that even the existence of Adam Kadmon started at a specific time.

And as to your question of why we use the term Adam {in Adam Kadmon}, which means, “formed from earth”, that’s not really a question. Because [in the language of the Mekubalim] the term Adam is referring to the Neshama, and the body is referred to as a garment for Adam, as is written (Iyov, 10:11): “You have clothed me in flesh and skin.” Also, look and see what is written in the Zohar, Parshas Yisro, Page 76a. Furthermore, even within the body of man lie many hints to higher concepts and great hidden secrets. As is brought there in the Zohar, Page 75; that: “Hakadosh Boruch Hu arranged within man all the images of higher secrets of the higher worlds. And contained within the human being lies the image of even that which all of the lower worlds contained [the body of man is a microcosm of creation]. They’re all embedded within the form of man because man was created with that format called Tzelem Elokim (the format of Hashem).” So that’s why the language of Chazal referred to the human being as a small world [a microcosm of the world]. Therefore, don’t be so amazed that we use the term “Adam” when describing the first and highest of the worlds. You should know that [in the language of the Mekubalim] the entire level of Atzilus – Emanations, is also referred to as Adam D’Atzilus, Man of Atzilus. When we refer to the entire level of Briyah – Creation, we refer to that as a whole macro concept of Adam HaBriyah – Man of Creation. The entire concept of the level called Yetzirah – Formation, is also given that title – Adam D’Yetzirah – Man of Formation. And finally, the whole concept of the level called Asiyah – Action, is also referred to as the macro concept of Adam D’Asiyah – Man of Action. This is all written in Tikunei HaZohar, Page 114; and Tikun 69, Page 116a. So we therefore understand that there are secrets to the format of Adam contained within each and every level of creation. Not that they look like a person in essence or in structure (as we said before in section 25), but rather we were referring only to the FUNCTIONS of those worlds (the secrets to the format of Adam are contained within the FUNCTIONS of those worlds). All this is obvious to those that comprehend the secret of the Shiur Komah (the Divine dimensions of creation).

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