Shomer Emunim #72

2 Nov

Shomer Emunim #72


She’altielI have nothing more to say, nor do I have the audacity to even lift up my head to oppose the teachings of the wisdom of Kabballah, for I’ve seen my struggle, and I’ve seen pure light. A refined light, through your successful arguments. They illuminate my eyes and they give joy to the heart. May blessings be upon your head for you have satisfied me from the delights of your intellect and reasoning. You’ve given correct answers with a clear mind to lead me to the truth of Kabballah. Its ways are ways of pleasantness and all of its paths are peace.

He bowed and kissed him, and all of the people that were standing at the gate lifted up their voices with a good heart and joy and said: “Praised is Hashem for creating us to honor Him, and gave us the true Torah. May He lead us with His compassion, upon straight paths, so that we can understand the true understanding of the Torah. May He place in our hearts, that we should all be unified in our understanding and in the various different directions of our Torah, and may He remove from us all of the destructive thoughts, stubbornness and foolishness of people whose approaches are evil and have evil agendas. They are only wise in their own eyes, for they love to win arguments and pursue their own desires. They disgrace anyone that argues against them. We will then merit the fulfillment of what is written in the Possuk: “May they all call upon the name of Hashem to serve Him with one joint effort.” (Tzefaniah 3:9). And Hashem will rule over the entire world. On that day, Hashem will be truly One and His name will be truly One. May that happen speedily in our days, Amen.”

This completes the first dialogue.

Praise be to the Creator of the world.

Copyright © 2015 Shaul Taub

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