Shomer Emunim #B2-B3

16 Nov

Shomer Emunim #B2-B3


She’altielBehold, I am coming to you Yehoyada my brother, so that you can guide me with your truthfulness. Allow me to drink from the wellsprings of your knowledge, the source of living waters, in pondering the G-dly concepts which you know and comprehend, for your eyes have seen its real value. Add your righteousness to my life. Show me and teach me.

YehoyadaWhat happened to you my brother She’altiel? What is it that you’re asking of me? I’ve never held anything back from you. I see that you have intensified your study at the doors of wisdom and you’re continuously immersing in its shade; and the Torah always returns to its original habitat. [The Torah itself should have provided you with the knowledge that you needed.]

Copyright © 2015 Shaul Taub

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