Shomer Emunim #B4-B5

16 Nov

Shomer Emunim #B4-B5

Reminder: Translation is by;
 The Horonsteipler Rav; Rabbi Mordechai Twerski, Shlita,
Edited & transcribed by his talmid, Shaul Taub.
Brackets are notes by Rabbi Twerski, Braces are editors’ notes.

She’altielMy mentor knows that once I yearned to understand the wisdom of Kabballah I broke the rules because I started learning it without a mentor. And when I came to {learning} it with all of my intensity and energy, Hashem made it possible for me to find many Seforim, which are more valuable than gold and silver. I did not remain silent and did not rest until I found among those Seforim these wonderful very important thoughts, which are really very helpful, and I crowned myself with its knowledge. I absolutely believe and understand that without Kabballah, one really cannot know what the essential principals of Emunah are, because only from Kabballah would one come to know that Hashem is loftier than all loftiness. Hashem is distant from any materiality and is not missing anything. And within that Oneness, we distant any attempt to describe Him, and we learn how to understand the various descriptions of limbs and organs [which are physical traits] that are written in the Torah. And among the benefits {of knowing Kabballah}, is being able to serve with a complete heart and a yearning soul, for he who knows his Creator can serve Him truthfully. That’s why Dovid Hamelech, A”H, said (Divrei Hayamim 1, 28:9): “Know the G-d of your father and serve Him.” And with this knowledge of Kabballah, one will find all sorts of ethical and moral guidelines, and he will not be lacking in any good mannerisms. One that learns this Chochmah for its rightful purpose will be filled with Yir’as Shamayim – The Fear of Heaven and the fear of sin. It will also help him to intensify his own serving of Hashem. And among the benefits {of knowing Kabballah}, is the knowledge of His precious names, which are mentioned in those holy books. Also among the benefits {of knowing Kabballah}, is understanding the reasons for Mitzvos and the secrets of the Torah. Also to understand why some of the letters are large and some are small, and to understand why words are sometimes written and not read as they are written, and sometimes words are read but not written the way they are read. Also to understand the secret of why sometimes letters are missing and sometimes there are extra letters. For example: “Because (in) six days Hashem made the heaven.” (Shmos, 31:17). Also: “I did not allow them to know me (by) my name; Hashem.” (Shmos, 6:3). Both of those Psukim are missing the letter Beis {meaning in or by} according to the simple meaning of the Possuk. And there are innumerable examples such as these, where those that are trying to reconcile simple interpretations have to take away or add letters or words in order to understand the simple meaning of the Possuk. But [if you understand the true knowledge of why they’re written that way, then] the truth is that they’re complete the way they are, with nothing extra and nothing missing. Among the other benefits {of knowing Kabballah}, is being able to understand Hashem’s supervision and direction. To understand how it is that The Infinite, who has no complexity whatsoever, still knows, intervenes and supervises all the details with straightforward guidance. Another benefit {of knowing Kabballah} is to understand the secrets of how the Neshamah functions. To understand what it’s all about, why the Neshamah had to come into this world and be cloaked in a human body and to understand how it’s reward and punishment works. Included in this also as a general approach of Kabballah, is understanding the secrets of Gilgul – Reincarnation, the rebirth of Neshamos and how all the different bodies will come back to life when Techiyas Hamesim – Resurrection of the dead, occurs.

And ultimately, this Chochmah is really the path of life. It’s the Neshamah of the Torah – the soul of the Torah. To understand the true intent of the Torah and to understand the true meanings of Chazal’s Agadatas, which always confused the understanding of people that tried to learn them literally. Therefore, one that never saw the light of this wisdom, never really saw true light in his life. And all those who have turned away from this Chochmah are as though they have turned away from eternal life. However, I do have many doubts that seem to center around the essentials of Emunah. I have not been able to resolve them, due to my limited knowledge and the depth of their intangibility. Therefore, I’m coming to you to be enlightened by your face and to request from you to enlighten the darkness of my thoughts. My yearning has become a yearning of darkness. [A play on the words said by Yermiyahu, 2:31 – “The earth was darkened”.] May you bring me out and quench my thirst, for there’s very few lofty people that really understand the essence of the truthfulness of this wisdom. You, I know. You have dealt with it honestly and have fulfilled what it says in Sefer Yetzirah (Chapter 1, Mishna 3): “Understand the wisdom and become wise with the understanding. Test them and delve with them. Establish with clarity, and resolve everything in its proper place.”

YehoyadaWhat you have said makes me very happy, She’altiel my brother, for your yearning to seek out the wisdom of the secrets is indeed great, and your eyes have opened with the introductions to spirituality. You have merited to understanding the purpose of this wisdom and why we are compelled to learn it. But it pains me to hear that you’re confused about the essential principals of Emunah and it’s causing me to sigh deeply. I’m worried that this might be because you got hold of the wrong kind of books and pamphlets that were composed by very sinful people who describe themselves as true believers, but are really detached from true Emunah and Emunah is really very distant from them. For they have corrupted and destroyed, thereby turning Torah into descriptions, which undermine it and have therefore caused this lofty wall to collapse. They have turned its sweetness into bitterness. Instead of wheat they came up with thorns, instead of barley they came up with putrefied food. So at least let me know which Seforim you’ve dealt with and learned from because if I know the cause for your illness, it will make it easier to find the cure.

[You either didn’t understand what you learned, or you learned from corrupted sources. In the time of R’ Yosef Irgis, that’s what they were fighting. They were fighting the corruption of Shabtai Tzvi and his followers who claimed to be teaching Kabballah.]

Copyright © 2015 Shaul Taub

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