Shomer Emunim #B6-B7

23 Nov
Shomer Emunim #B6-B7

She’altielThe confusion that I have in essential principals of Emunah cannot be because of the Seforim that I learned, because they were all authored by the true Mekubalim, the early writers of Kabballah, Z”LHH; as well as Seforim written by the holy Ari, Z”LHH. Those are all Seforim that have been accepted among Klal Yisroel, and I didn’t even touch any Seforim that were written after the Ari, Z”LHH, except for Seforim written by R’ Moshe Azariyah from Pano, Z”L.

YehoyadaIf that’s the case, then the reason you got confused has got to be because you missed out on having a knowledgeable Rebbi point out certain important things that students who begin to study Kabballah are normally made aware of. For it’s a well known fact that the early teachers of Kabballah, Z”L, have said that this Chochmah cannot be learned from books or “mute teachers”* alone, but rather from the mouths of wise living and breathing teachers. Be that as it may, explain to me those things that you question, for I will not hold back from properly enlightening you with any and all of the wisdom that I have received from authors and Seforim of Kabballah, because [Hashem says:] “Those who love me, I love; and those who seek me, shall find me”.

* [A euphemism for written documents.]

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