Shomer Emunim #B18-B19

18 Feb

Shomer Emunim #B18-B19


She’altiel: This answer that you’ve given is really good, especially because it’s based upon a true principal which has been well accepted. That for Hashem, time, both past and future, is always present, because there is neither substitution nor any other powers with Him. If so, it doesn’t make sense to ask why He did not emanate the first level of the higher worlds before this, because there IS no before, since there was no time then. The question is definitely irrelevant because as the Mekubalim said, even the first Sefiros [as he said before in Atzilus] had no prerequisite of time. Therefore, now, if it’s OK with you, I would like to present you with other doubts and questions that I have, regarding Kabballah.

Yehoyada: Speak whatever you want for I’m listening. It is my will and desire to discuss and to delve into the words of deep understanding, in order to fulfill the dictum of dealing honestly in your affairs.

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