Here are links to the books in the original Hebrew, courtesy of hebrewbooks.org:

Shomer Emunim:

Berlin, 1927. http://hebrewbooks.org/35116 Hebrewbooks_org_35116

Note: This is a copy of the original 1736 Amsterdam printing, but with a well-researched introduction by Shmuel Abba Horodotzky.

Vilna, 1875. http://hebrewbooks.org/39500 Hebrewbooks_org_39500

Note: This edition is clearer, but is written in ‘Rashi script’ and does not include the original numbering.

The edition I am using is the 1964, Jerusalem printing by Rabbi Yitzchok Stern. It is by far the clearest, and has an interesting introduction/biography but is not available on Hebrewbooks.org.

(If you want to follow along without getting a headache, I recommend using the Vilna printing.)


2 Responses to “UntranslatedSeforim”

  1. Irv Cantor September 12, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    Great idea! I am approaching retirement and am considering spending time translating old seforim that I collect. Have others considered this? It would be nice to have an interest group for people pursuing this avocation.

  2. mr bookman September 12, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    To the best of my knowledge, I was the only person doing this online. I stopped because there seemed to be a lack of interest. Maybe it was the sefer i was translating (which i actually found very interesting) or just a lack of awareness. There are seforim sites online though. You might want to check out the links i have on the home page. Hashkafacircle.com has fascinating shiurim by r treibitz. Also, if you want to use this site as a springboard for posting your own seforim, ill give you access as an author and you can email friends or other people online who might be interested. If you start your own thing please let me know so i can follow you. Thanks.

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